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  • Please: Help me completely transform my physique & health.
  • ​I want to lose fat, gain muscle, and increase my overall energy levels.
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  • The super doable, yet effective nutrition plan to get ripped & re-energized.
  • ​The no excuses 2-3 hour-per-week workout routine to the physique of my dreams.
  • ​The functional-medicine based health coaching to max out my natural testosterone, minimize cortisol & stress, crush hunger hormones, and take control of my health like the alpha I'm meant to be. 
  • ​​I'm ready to take my personal and business life to the next level.
  • ​I have a budget and am ready to rock this.
  • ​I'm a man of my word, and if I book up I show up.
Ready for physique transformation?
Your 1st coaching call is complementary, so nothing to lose.
About Dr. Greene:
Dr. Casey Greene is the founder of Nexus Health Partnership. He specializes in men's health & physique transformation through functional medicine, nutrition, & fitness. 

He's trained with some of the best of the best, and spares no expense in bringing the best cutting-edge strategies and support to his clients. Thousands of men, including celebrities, have used his help to get strong & lean, re-energized, & healthier for more than 15 years now.

He's best known for naturally optimizing male hormones and metabolism, so that men can have the lean physique, energy, & health they deserve.
See What Others Are Saying:
"It's hard to believe that any approach could seem new at this point for losing weight, but the men's physique and performance programs at NexusHP are the real deal! I've never seen, and certainly haven't experienced, anything like it in my entire life. I'm in better shape in my 50s than I was for most of my 30s, and I'm not on any meds anymore. Most importantly, I feel like I'll now enjoy a fuller and longer life with my recently born grandson. Thank you Nexus Health Partnership!"
- Jake Jones
"It's about time that someone had a health and fitness approach so specialized and comprehensive for men. This really helped to naturally work on some hidden hormone issues causing me to stay hungry and tired almost all the time. Much easier for me to keep lean and have way more energy now. Highly recommended!"
- David Long
"Their programs are so much more of a comprehensive home run approach than anything else I've ever tried, which by the way includes medical weight loss, personal trainers, nutritionists, and more than I can even remember. Except they basically combine all those together into one, and do it better than the other guys!

If you're a guy feeling the beat down from running your business and driving your own health and body into the ground, then just start practicing what Dr. Greene at NexusHP teaches right away...I guarantee you'll be very glad you did."
- Seth Steel
"I don't leave many reviews...but I was extremely impressed with Dr. Greene and NexusHP from start to finish. When I had reached a plateau in my weight loss efforts, they gave me a custom nutrition plan, workout, and supplement regimen that helped me make the push to reach my goals. Then I wanted to add some lean muscle, and once again they gave me the tools and advice I needed to succeed. I'm in the best shape of my life at the age of 40, and can't wait for my upcoming beach trip!

Whether you are looking for expert advice or clean, quality vitamins and supplements...the consultants at NexusHP will help transform your physique, performance, and health!"
- Will Iber
"Nexus Health Partnership lives up to its name...they really partnered with me and got to the root of my particular weight, hormone, and metabolic issues instead of just trying to write prescriptions and kick me out the door. I started making some pretty good progress on my own, but then finally decided to work with Dr. Greene and his team to go all in to get my dream body. I'll never look back!

Not only that, but they do so much more than just typical fitness stuff. If you're a business guy that needs to take your mindset and mental performance to the next level to crush your business goals, then look no further!"
- John Beck
Why not just use some local personal trainer or nutritionist?
We know what works best, and for the long-term, through decades in the trenches working with hormone & weight loss specialized physicians, nutritionists, and personal training experts. 

Our methods are backed by the best science available, and much of my previous career has been based on biostatistical analysis of drug, nutrition, and exercise studies. 

We will NOT allow you to waste time with fake or misled methods. Every ounce of effort will be directed by the most scientifically proven methods available today. 

Perhaps more importantly, I understand what it's like to struggle climbing the career ladder, and even owning a business...just like you. 

It's freaking hard!

Downright unfair much of the time. 

There's just not enough time to take care of yourself.

To get to the gym.

To eat properly.

Unless you get the streamlined game plan & coaching to make it easy.

Our approach is so specialized for men.

So comprehensive & synergistic to meet your physique, energy, and health goals.

That you simply cannot fail if you do it.

It starts with a no pressure phone call.

We'll get to know you, see if we can help you, and if we can.

We'll show you what that would look like & how pricing works.

It might just be the start of changing your entire life.

A much longer, more confident, and more fulfilling life.
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